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Discussion Board Rules

posted Jul 20, 2010 05:58:25 by CelebPosers
We ask members to abide by the following rules and guidelines so that the Discussion Boards can be a positive experience for all. Posts that are in violation of our rules will be removed, and sanctions may be imposed.

1. No Advertising other websites, products or services.
2. Respect other members - Do not post messages that blatantly or inadvertently defame or offend another individual.
3. Do not post personal details of others.
4. No cross posting, multiple posting, or thread "bumping". Do not post with the intention of purposely highlighting posts.
5. No Defamation - Do not post any messages which blatantly or inadvertently slander, insult or defame others.
6. No begging or asking for donations.
7. Do not register false accounts.
8. Keep all posts clean and without abusive, argumentative, or profane natured comments.
9. Do not disrespect CelebPosers, or any of its representatives or members.
10. Keep this a respectful and informative source for information.

In using these forums, you are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by the above set of rules. You agree that any posts made are those of your own views, and all responsibility rests with the author of the comments made.

Any disregard to any rule outlined above will result in removal of posts, and sanctions may also be imposed.

We hope that you find these discussion boards informative!

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